Linggo, Hunyo 28, 2020

Blog Relaunch: Changing The Blog Name to Jei's Crochet and More

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels


Welcome to my blog relaunch! 

It has been years since my last post. I have to admit, I do miss the process of cooking up a project and sharing it on my blog! So now I'm back and I'm very excited about all the new stuff I have in store for everyone! 

To those who are new, or had followed me from years before but may have forgotten, this blog was named Cutey Patuty Blog, which mostly focused on my love for crochet.

After creating and working on my blog, I also made other blogs discussing different subjects like fitness, blogging, and mental health. However, I never really pushed through with all of it due to my mental health. After seeking help and getting support and encouragement from my loved ones, I feel that I'm now in a better place and I again see the joy that I used to have in working on this blog 

During the time that I was on a break, I learned a lot from the people I met, and I feel like I wanted to share the new things I've learned. However, I felt that the concept of my blog limited me to just posting about crochet. That's why I felt that I needed to relaunch the blog with a whole new concept! Although I will still be posting about crochet, I will also be sharing new things that I've learned during my hiatus.

I have also enlisted the help of my sister Ann so we can work on this blog better and more efficiently. She will be helping me manage the blog, and will also be writing posts about her interest in sewing and other things. With her help, we should be able to post more topics on a regular basis. So expect more exciting projects from us!

Venturing to Another Niche

With my new blog, I am incorporating all of the things that kept me busy when I was not around blogging;

  • We will cover more varied  subjects like baking, cooking, sewing, and more hand made stuff!
  • This will be properly scheduled so you will know what to expect that day.
  • My YouTube channel is also in the works!
  • We'll continue to share more free crochet patterns and tutorials.
  • We'll also be updating and improving old posts

I realized after everything that had happened that I still do love blogging. Not just for the followers and monetizing, but the joy of sharing is very important and fulfilling to me. I am thankful because I still have the chance to do what I love and that I have the platform do it. I also believe it’s never too late to relaunch my blog, and I hope you continue to support us!