How to Create a Blogger Blogspot Blog

I made this tutorial specially for my groupmates in Crochet Bloggers Philippines. I think helping them create a Blogger blog will help them get used to blogging and sharing before creating a paid blog. I started my blog here in Blogger also known as blogspot. Blogger user friendly and it will not overwhelm you. This tutorial is easy and I am hoping you can understand this.

1. Google integrated all of their services in one. Go to to setup an account.
2. If you already have a google account, and sign in.

3. Click "Go Back to Blogger

4. You will be asked  if you want a google+ or a blogger profile. I suggest that you choose the google+ profile. .
4. After creating your google+ account, click "Continue to blogger"

5. You are now on admin page of your blog

6. To create your new blog, Click "New Blog"

7. This pop-up page will show. You will have to give the name of your blog and the address of your blog and click"Create".

 8. You are now have a…

Instagram Coin Purse- Free Downloadable Pattern

Free Downloadable Pattern-Instagram Coin Purse
I made this pattern in November 2013.  Instead of posting this on ravel ry, I  will make this downloadable on Google drive.  This cute but  easy to make coin purse will be great gift for our love ones who loves instagram. I hope you like it. You can download it here. Just click the file and choose download as.

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Free Graph Afghan Pattern

I am starting a free graph afghan pattern day. This will be posted every Tuesday.  I made this pattern via . In this site you can make beading, cross stitch, crochet and knitting pattern. You can also sell patterns you created on this site. I am hoping that you will like my free graph afghan pattern.
Here is the Ravelry Link of this cute graph afghan. I am hoping that you enjoy making this.  Nurture your creativity!

Free Christmas Crochet Chart Pattern

Free Christmas Crochet Chart Pattern

Hello Fellow Crocheters! Christmas is just a few months away. We Filipinos start to prepare for Christmas on September. You can hear Christmas songs, countdowns and decors starting September 1. That is how excited Filipinos on Christmas.

I am sharing you today a Christmas Crochet chart patterns that is fun to make. You will just need some basic crochet stitches and know how to change colors. I am sharing you a simple, yet nice crochet chart pattern. For a beginner with just 4 colors it is easy to make. I uploaded this on Ravelry for you to download.

Here are some simple tips on how to read a chart pattern:

And here is how to change colors

You can download my free pattern on Ravelry. Share this free pattern this an early gift from Cutey Patuty.

Free Pattern Baby Boy Beanie

Baby Boy Beanies-Free Pattern

This baby boy beanie is made easily in just simple rounds of single crochet. It is worked in rounds, there's no sewing up to do afterwards! Just add a little pompoms and they are ready to go! 
This hat is made for babies aged 3-5 months. 
Abbreviations:ch- Chain
sc- Single Crochet
ss- Slip stich
Materials Red heart super saver and you can use Monaco Acrylic Yarn if you are in the Philippines. Any color combination you like. Color A will be your main color.G6 (4.25 mm) hookPompom maker or follow this instructions click here.
With G6 hook and Color A, make 2 ch.
Round 1: make 9 sc into 2nd ch from hook, ss to first sc, turn. 9 sts
Round 2: 1 ch (does not count as st), 1 sc into each sc to end, ss to first sc, turn.
Round 3: 1 ch (does not count as st), 2 sc into each sc to end, ss to first sc, turn. 18 sts
Round 4: As 2nd round
Round 5: 1 ch ( does not count as st) *1 sc into next sc, 2 sc into next sc, rep from* to end, ss to first sc, turn. 27 sts.
Round 6: …

15 Halloween Pattern Round-Up


New Year

New year, a blank slate, new chapter in life. 2013 is in the past and 2014 is our present. We should let go of the past and face the present. We should learn from our mistakes from the past and use this negatives to develope a beautiful pictures of the present.

I used to make New Years resolutions but most of the time I won't finish or after a few days I will abandon it. For this year, I will not make a resolution, but I will practice to make a small changes in life one day at a time. It is better to accomplish something small everyday and feel you accomplish something.

For my blog I am still sharing more free patterns, and finish some projects that has been in the shelves for a long time, one project at a time. I promised a lot in the past but did not accomplised anything.

If it did mot bring you joy, just leave it behind. Let us ring in the New Year with good things in mind. Let every bad memory that brought us heartache and pain go, and let us turn a new leaf with the smell…