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Instagram Coin Purse- Free Downloadable Pattern

Free Downloadable Pattern-Instagram Coin Purse
I made this pattern in November 2013.  Instead of posting this on ravel ry, I  will make this downloadable on Google drive.  This cute but  easy to make coin purse will be great gift for our love ones who loves instagram. I hope you like it. You can download it here. Just click the file and choose download as.

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Free Graph Afghan Pattern

I am starting a free graph afghan pattern day. This will be posted every Tuesday.  I made this pattern via . In this site you can make beading, cross stitch, crochet and knitting pattern. You can also sell patterns you created on this site. I am hoping that you will like my free graph afghan pattern.
Here is the Ravelry Link of this cute graph afghan. I am hoping that you enjoy making this.  Nurture your creativity!