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Tamago Girl Amigurumi Free Pattern

Tamago Girl Free Pattern
This is Tamago girl (Tamago is Japanese of Egg) It's been a while since I shared my own pattern and I created Tamago Girl! Tamago Girl is a girl who is simple and sweet. She is an artist. Tamago girl loves to give hugs!

You will need:
Worsted Weight yarn (beige, medium pink, light pink,yellow, black) Size I hook Stitch Marker Poly Fiber (for stuffing) Yarn Needle (for sewing and embroidering the eyes
sc-Single Crochet scinc-Single Crochet Increase scdec-Single Crochet Decrease FO-Fasten off hdc-Half Double Crochet ss-Slip Stitch fpsc-Front Post Single Crochet sts- Stitch

*This pattern is for people who know the basics of crochet
*It is done in rounds
*This is also in American terms.
With beige yarn

Round 1: In a magic ring make 8 sc (8 sts)
Round 2: scinc in each sc (16 sts)
Round 3: 1 sc in 1st sc, scinc in next (24 sts)
Round 4: 1 sc in next 2 sc, scinc in next sc (32 sts)
Round 5: 1 sc in next 3 sc, scinc in next sc (40 sts)
Round 6: 1 sc around (40 sts)
Round 7…

Hooking For Cash E-Book Give Away!

Hooking For Cash E-Book Give Away! 

I am very happy because my Bloggy Buddy Sara Duggan of just released her e-book Hooking For Cash. If you are like me who loves crocheting and blogging, this book is for you. 
This book is jammed pack of chapters that will help you to earn with your passion. Here are some of the great topics that you can learn from the book Hooking for Cash; CHAPTER 1: Focusing and PlanningCHAPTER 2: Who Is Your Blog Reader and What Does she Want?CHAPTER 3: Before You Start-Choosing a Mail ServiceCHAPTER 4: Before You Start-Preparing Your BlogThese are just the first 4 chapters that is very interesting the list goes on this book contains 15 chapters! If you want it now so badly you can purchase it, just click here.
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Crocodile Stitch Strawberry Beanie

Crocodile Stitch Strawberry Beanie

I made this hat few months ago. My daughter loves to wear it, she calls herself  Strawberry Shortcake Cat's-Rockin-Crochet Fibre Artist created this pattern. I am proud about this because this is my first try and it came out so cute. If you want to make one you can click here
For this month I want to be more adventurous. I want to create easy to intermediate patterns like what Cat's-Rockin-Crochet Fibre Artist created. I am challenging my brain to create something magazine worthy a pattern that I will share to you for free! I owe this to all my readers to step up a notch. It's been 5 months since I started my blog and sharing free patterns. 
I also want to create my own Free E-book. I will  research on that so I can share it to you.