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Liebster Award and Update On My Saving Challenge

Hi everybody! This is an update to my 52-Week Savings Challenge that I took last May 2. I did some tweaking to my challenge, I saved 20 pesos instead of 10 pesos. so I can double my money! Instead of saving 13780 pesos, I am saving 27560 pesos! That is big money.

The sum of the money i put on the jar from May 4-May 25 is 400 pesos. I am giving my self a pat on the back! When my savings reached  500 pesos I will open an account so I am not tempted to use my savings, out of sight, out of mind.I am really inspired to finish this challenge because I have a goal. Readers are asking if its doable, I say yes it is doable if you have the will and a goal to reach. Every challenge need a goal so you know where you are going. My goal here is to save enough money for me to start a small business for extra income. For 27,560 pesos I can start a Sari-Sari Store (small retail store), an eatery, or a burger stand buy 1 burger and take 1 burger free it's a huge hit here in the Philippines. Or i wil…

How Crocheting Help My Depression

I used to suffer from depression. But I self medicate so i won't suffer the ugly feelings of depression. I read a post (sorry but I forgot the link) and started crocheting and it help me to get out of the black hole of depression. 

Crochet is a great craft because it takes you out of the hectic space inside your own head and gives you a focused activity. This can greatly ease the symptoms of depression. Crochet provides a relaxing, meditative place where the mind can rest. Moreover, it allows you to get excited about new projects and to be proud of the projects that you've created. Both of these things are beneficial for people who are suffering from depression. Depression can sap excitement so finding things that excite you is crucial. And depression is directly correlated with low self-esteem so it’s great if you can create products that you are proud of and that can help you feel good about yourself again.
"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and …

Mr. Woobbly Boobly Bear Amigurumi-Free Pattern

Mr. Woobly Boobly Bear!
I am happy to introduce my latest crochet project for you! Mr. Woobbly Boobly Bear! He is a weeble wobble crochet toy. He is adorable and easy to make! With just a basic knowledge in crocheting you can make a Mr. Woobbly Boobly Bear. 


2 colors of 4-ply worsted weight yarn ( I used light brown and a multi colored yarn I forgot the color name because I lost the label)

Size G/6-4.25MM Hook

Stitch marker

Fiber fill

Yarn needle

plastic bag

some small pebbles or beans (this will be used as weight)

Packing tape

Buttons (optional)



sc-single crochet

ss-slip stitch

sc inc-single crochet increase

sc dec-single crochet decrease

tr-treble crochet


Round 1: ch 2, 10 sc in 2nd chain from hook. (10 sts)

Round 2: sc inc in each sc (20 sts)

Round 3: (1 sc in first sc, sc inc in next sc) repeat 10x. (30 sts)

Round 4: 1 sc around (30 sts)

Round 5-11: Repeat round 4

Round 12: ( 1 sc on first sc, sc dec ) repeat 10x. (20 sts)

Round 13: sc dec around(10 sts)

How to Bring Your Creativity Back

Does anyone suffer from crocheters block?

Have you suffered crocheters block? I used to have the same crocheters block before. But just following this tips I never had an episode of crocheters block anymore. Here are some tips on how to bring back the spark on your creativity.

1. Think about your crocheting while creating. It doesn't matter what your are crocheting and it doesn't have to be good, creating crochet, making chain with hook and yarn is practicing your skill in crocheting it teaches our brain to think that holding a hook and yarn not something held, but part of the hand.
2. The process of crocheting is the FUN, not the the result. It's about crocheting something , not about having something drawn. Learning new approach or figuring out how to crochet better, or thinking on how to explain the process of assembling the crochet project. Looking at the finished crochet project is wonderful to see but the process of making that project is priceless.
"It helps if you…

Summer Crochet Boy Shorts

Summer Crochet Boy Shorts 

My creative juice has been drained in the last few days. I kept on thinking of a creative project that came from my own. I want to incorporate my love of crochet and DIY. Then suddenly a bright idea came out! I am going to make a crochet summer outfit for my daughter without following a pattern and a diagram. I am going to do it freestyle. Making a crochet boy shorts in reverse engineering. 
I bought a cheap boy shorts underwear and deconstructed it.

Then I just follow the shape of the deconstructed boy shorts to make my own design. I always forget to write down the pattern of my freestyle projects. Next time I will share this to you guys.

I made a crotch, and 2 of the leg parts. I am still finishing the other leg part. I used 2 cotton thread held together. used a B hook for this project. 

the 2 Leg part sewn together

I sewed the 2 legs together and I realized that I don't need the crotch any more. So I just sew the boy shorts together and here is the finish…

DIY Gym Tank Top

DIY Gym Tank Top

I am trying to loose weight right now. Well I lost 2 pounds as of today (maybe it's just water weight ;p) The weather here in the Philippines is so so hot! I need something that is cool and comfortable to wear while exercising that I can make without sewing (I am not good at sewing)I found this  DIY Gym Tank top at Pinterest. I finished this project in just 20 minutes! if you are making this tank top pick a t-shirt a size or 2 bigger than your shirt size. I made a mistake using same size shirt.
This is How to make a DIY Gym Tank top:  Cut the neck, sleeves, and the bottom part of an old t-shirt.

Use the cut out sleeves for making the ties.
Using the tie. Wrap The back of the tank top. making sure not to twist the straps.Cut off a few inches at the sides to make the side ties.

This is the back of the DIY Gym Tank Top. It looks good on the mannequin. But not so good on me :) I need to eat less and exercise more! 
I hope you like my DIY Gym Tank top.

52-Week Saving Challenge (Filipino Style)

52 Week Saving Challenge (Filipino Style)
I've been reading about The 52-week saving challenge. This challenge starts with a $1 and end with $1378!  I want to try this challenge, but in Filipino style. I will start with 10 pesos and end up with 13,780 pesos! That is $344.50! Not a lot in the USA but that is enough for me to start a small business here in the Philippines, Buy me a sewing machine, or have my own domain, or I can buy a new bag or shoes or pamper myself. There are so much possibility with the money we are going to earn with this 52-week savings challenge. 
You will start with this chart, and a jar.

Then put $1 in the jar on the first week, $2 on the second week, $3 on the third week and so on. In my case I will save 10 pesos on the first week, 20 pesos on the second week, 30 pesos on the 3rd week and so on..
On the 52nd-week you will earn $1378.00 and I will earn 13,780.00 pesos. That is a big money!  People say they don't have extra money to save. Stop buying soda, ci…