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How to Create a Blogger Blogspot Blog

I made this tutorial specially for my groupmates in Crochet Bloggers Philippines. I think helping them create a Blogger blog will help them get used to blogging and sharing before creating a paid blog. I started my blog here in Blogger also known as blogspot. Blogger user friendly and it will not overwhelm you. This tutorial is easy and I am hoping you can understand this.

1. Google integrated all of their services in one. Go to to setup an account.
2. If you already have a google account, and sign in.

3. Click "Go Back to Blogger

4. You will be asked  if you want a google+ or a blogger profile. I suggest that you choose the google+ profile. .
4. After creating your google+ account, click "Continue to blogger"

5. You are now on admin page of your blog

6. To create your new blog, Click "New Blog"

7. This pop-up page will show. You will have to give the name of your blog and the address of your blog and click"Create".

 8. You are now have a…