I Got an Award!

My First Award! YIPPEE!!

Gabriela macramé gave me an award. Wow the first award for my blog! I would like to thank her for giving me this award. I thank the academy, my manager…oh wait this isn't the Oscars! Oh well, I can dream can I?!

Here are the 10 questions...

1: What do you like most cooking: dessert spoons or dishes?

I love cooking both!

2: What is most important to you in a person: physical or Personality:


 3: When did you start the blog?:

 I started my blog only this march.

4: Who was the person who inspired you to get started in this world?

My Family and specially Mother she is the one thought me to crochet.

5: Do you usually follow many blogs or you get followers by others who have known you:

I am slowly gaining followers by adding them to my circle first then comment. When somebody followed my blog, I follow them back.

6: What do you like most: cook or you cook?:
I like both

7: Do you eat at home or at work?:

 8: Do you usually make vegetable recipes?
Yes, we have wet market with fresh produce.

 9: What is your best recipe?: Leche Flan, Filipino food like adobo

10th: What do you ask someone to be your friend?: 

I don’t ask somebody to be my friend. It should come naturally

11: What is the best movie you've seen?:

I am not into movies. 

And here are my winning blogs! Drum roll please! Sorry I did not pick 20 blogs..