I Am A Human!-UPDATE

I am HUMAN!!!.

To all my Facebook likers, I am Sorry I can't respond to your post because Facebook thought that I am not a human being! 
I am trying to resolve this issue. Please bear with me. 
I don't know why they thought I am not human that I am a fake. Hey! I am not using my real identity on the internet because we all know the dangers of giving our information at the net. 

For all my Facebook Likers I will respond to your post as soon I fix this problem Facebook gave me.  

Update: I will no longer use my facebook page CUTEY PATUTY, because I can' access my account. I've been appealing to facebook that if they can let me open my account but they did not reply. I can't let days to past. I am still building followers for my blog and my facebook page. My friend Esmeralda will create a new page for you my readers to follow.