Liebster Award and Update On My Saving Challenge

Hi everybody! This is an update to my 52-Week Savings Challenge that I took last May 2. I did some tweaking to my challenge, I saved 20 pesos instead of 10 pesos. so I can double my money! Instead of saving 13780 pesos, I am saving 27560 pesos! That is big money.

The sum of the money i put on the jar from May 4-May 25 is 400 pesos. I am giving my self a pat on the back! When my savings reached  500 pesos I will open an account so I am not tempted to use my savings, out of sight, out of mind.I am really inspired to finish this challenge because I have a goal. Readers are asking if its doable, I say yes it is doable if you have the will and a goal to reach. Every challenge need a goal so you know where you are going. My goal here is to save enough money for me to start a small business for extra income. For 27,560 pesos I can start a Sari-Sari Store (small retail store), an eatery, or a burger stand buy 1 burger and take 1 burger free it's a huge hit here in the Philippines. Or i will buy some bonds if I can't start a business.

It's never too late for you to start earning. Saving money is really rewarding when you see how much self-control you have.

My Third Liebster Award

I am nominated for the third time with Liebster award by Stephanie S. of Crazy Little Lovebirds  thank you Stephanie S. I love this award. It helps me build new audience and mingle with other fellow blogger. 

What is a Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is given to new blogger with under 200 followers as a way to welcome them into the blogging community.


1. Do you prefer rainy days or sunny days? I prefer sunny days. I could go out and enjoy some sun. and no flood!

2. What activities do you enjoy doing on a warm summer day? Everyday is warm sunny day here in The Philippines ;) I just enjoy crocheting inside my house.

3. Where have you recently traveled to? & Did you enjoy? No I haven't traveled yet. We always go to Tagaytay home of the world's smallest volcano. I enjoy it every time we visit Tagaytay.

4. Do you grow your own vegetables and fruits? I have a mango tree and a santol tree.

5. What's your favorite scent at the moment? I love any Victoria's secret scent.

6. How often do you workout? I try to workout 30 minutes 3x a week.

5. Are you more of a talk on the phone kind of person, or a I rather text kind of person? I am both!

6. Do you have any big plans this year? No I don't have plans yet.

7. What about blogging do you enjoy the most? I enjoy that every day I gain readers and and they are kind enough to leave comments.

8. Do you enjoy diy or craft projects? I love Crocheting that is why I blog about it ;)

9. Do you have an etsy shop? No. I don't have an etsy shop.

Question For My Nominees

1. What is your latest achievement in life?

2. Who is your hero?

3. Why are you blogging?

4. Cats or Dogs?

5. What is your dream vacation?

6. How do you reward your self after you accomplish something?

7. What is your favorite stress reliever?

8. Boxer or brief?

9. What is your motto in life?

And Here Are My Nominees

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2. Ingrid of Studio 92 Designs

3. Bheng of Handmade by Bheng

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5. Vidina of Quetepico Handmade

6. Chieu Nguyen of Firefly Crochet

7. Liz of Amigurumi Barmy

8. Jules of Adventures in Thread

Congratulations to all the nominees!