Guest Post-Secret Obssesion

Hi I am Jei Crochet from Cavite, Philippines A wife, Mommy to 2 boys, a girl and 2 doggies. I am the author of Cutey Patuty Crochet.  I've been blogging for almost 4 months now. My love of crocheting inspired me to start to blog. I used to watch and read other crochet blogs, I said to my self  "hey! I can make these things!" So I started to teach myself more about crocheting and share things I learned to my readers. My blog name used to be Jeijam crochet, but changed it to Cutey Patuty when my children was watching cartoon and one character said cutey patuty, I said to myself it sounds cute and catchy, so I started using Cutey Patuty Crochet. I picture my blog to have it's own domain name, earning money enough to support our needs, and will be featured on TV! (I wish!), and my blog helped newbie crocheters and bloggers to achieve their goals.

You know I love watching Be Careful With My Heart ( a local telenovela here in the Philippines) and I love the lead actress Jody Sta. Maria. Because her portrayal of a nanny that is really eager to achieve her dreams for her family and people around her makes me think that it is possible for me to achieve my dreams. And Jodie really plays her role very well. When I would be given a chance to ask Jodie Sta. Maria 3 questions that will be;

1. What is your favorite bonding time with your son?
2. How do you deal with negative persons around you?
3. What is your advice to all single mothers out there?

If you ask me I am happy with my life right now. With my kids beside me and my husband who is miles away from me but still makes time to skype with us. We should know that true happiness is this harmonious fitting together of parts. Joy is the feeling we get when things fit together well. It is deep inside our soul! If we dig inside we can set it free so we can be joyful. Real happiness is a state of mind that exist regardless of your surroundings. It is both spiritual and mental thing.

My biggest pet peeve are:

1. When they keep asking me if I am pregnant
2. When people tell me that my husband looks younger than me (he's 12 years older than me!)
3. Loud voices annoys me a lot!
4. I hate ants!

If I am given a time machine and I could go back and live in different century, I would go back in the 20th century around the time of 1900's and maybe invent something useful like an electric bike so that Henry Ford will not invent gas powered cars, No more pollution!

Thank you Mary for giving me a chance to guest post here on your lovely blog.