Free Christmas Crochet Chart Pattern

Free Christmas Crochet Chart Pattern

<Christmas Tree>
Free Christmas Tree Pattern

Hello Fellow Crocheters! Christmas is just a few months away. We Filipinos start to prepare for Christmas on September. You can hear Christmas songs, countdowns and decors starting September 1. That is how excited Filipinos on Christmas.

I am sharing you today a Christmas Crochet chart patterns that is fun to make. You will just need some basic crochet stitches and know how to change colors. I am sharing you a simple, yet nice crochet chart pattern. For a beginner with just 4 colors it is easy to make. I uploaded this on Ravelry for you to download.

Here are some simple tips on how to read a chart pattern:

And here is how to change colors

You can download my free pattern on Ravelry. Share this free pattern this an early gift from Cutey Patuty.

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