The size of  finished piece of crochet is controlled by how tightly packed together the stitches and rows are, It is called gauge. It will also determine the size of the finished item and how many yarn you will need.

Crochet Boy shorts

Here's how you will check your gauge:

  1. Make a small square of crochet in the stitch used for the garment, using the yarn and the required crochet hook given in the pattern. make a swatch at least 6 inches(15 cm) square so that you can easily count the stitches and rows.
  2.  Once completed the crochet square, mark out with pins the number of stitches the gauge section of the pattern states there should be 4 inches(10 cm).
  3.  Measure the distance between the pins-if this measurements is 4 inches(10cm) your gauge is correct and you go ahead using that size crochet hook.
  4.  If the distance between the pins is less than 4 inches(10 cm), you are crocheting too tight and you need to make another swatch using bigger crochet hook.
  5. And if the measurement is more than it should be, you crochet is too loose and you will need to use smaller hook.

Gauging is important if you are crocheting clothes. Because if you don't follow the gauge, the garment you are making will be bigger or smaller. It happened to me!! I made a tunic for my 3 year old daughter but the tunic will fit a 10 year old! In amigurumis, beanies, gauge is not that important.