Introduction to Crochet



Crochet is fun! It's quick and easy.You can easily work sphere, tubular, triangular, rectangular among other things you can create.
It is not hard to learn to crochet. You just need to learn the basic stitches and once you got the hang of one stitch, you will find it is really easy to pick up the other stitches.


What you need...

Just a simple hook and yarn you can make a lots of things

Crocheting doesn't need complicated equipments. Just a pattern, and a few simple things the pattern will tell you what you will need and how many yarn or thread to buy and what size hook you will use. Crochet hooks can come in a different sizes they are measured by US and Metric and UK




When reading a pattern you will need to learn how to read crochet abbreviations. It's kind of shorthand for crochet. All the technical terms are shortened and abbreviated. It is standard to almost all crochet patterns. There are called differently in UK and in American.

On my next post I will teach you what is the importance of gauge or tension in crocheting.