First Month Special #2- Crochet Duster

Sorry for the ugly picture.

Hi everybody this is my special #2 Crochet Duster  I made it with a lot of pictures this time. I hope you will like It!

Here's how to make the duster:
Make the duster:

Wrap the yarn on a rectangle and cut into strips.

Cut the dowel to 6 inches.

Divide the yarn into 3 and secure with a knot

Tie the yarn with a zip tie tightly on to the dowel

Snip off the excess of the zip tie

Trim the excess yarn

ch 8, ss to first ch to form a ring.
ch 1 does not count as a stitch (16 sc into the ring, ss into the first sc)  Repeat ( ) 3x . Fasten off

To make the dowel cover it is made into continuous rounds; make a magic ring, make 6 sc.
Row 2 up to 6 inches length: sc around. Fasten off

To make the ribbon: ch 4, ss to first chain to form a ring. 
ch 4 , make 3 trebles into the ring, ch 4, ss into the ring.
ch 4, 3 trebles, ch 4, ss into the ring.
ch 10, wrap the ch 10 in the middle of the ribbon. Fasten off.

Sew together the dowel cover and the duster cover. 

Then add the ribbon 

Insert the duster into the cover. 
Enjoy dusting!