New Month, New Goals (This picture is not mine)

I started blogging last March 5, 2013. My goal last month is to publish my own  pattern, and make a Facebook page and build readers. By now I have 28 likers on my facebook, 202  G+ Followers, and made 4 patterns already, I was featured twice. It is a big achievement for me. 

This Month My Goals Are: 

  1. Make 6 free patterns and 6 pattern for sale.
  2. Double my Facebook likers.
  3. Double my G+ Followers.
  4. More promotion for my blog.
  5. Join more linky party.
  6. Post a better pictures for my blog.

My Goal For Myself This Month Are:

  1.  To show people how I really look like. I am trying to loose a little weight now so I can model my own creations.
  2. Create a craft area for me (even though I have a very, very limited space).

I am telling you this because I want you all to help me achieve my goals for this month. My family, and my followers makes me happy and keeps me going. 

            Thank You God For A Wonderful First Month.