Teaching Crochet Online

I had a great sleep last night, with dreams and all. I haven't had a dream for a while maybe It' because of the uncomfortable temperature because of the warm weather here. It made me happy today! I decided to make more video tutorial about crochet stitches and I am editing it right now. I will be posting it on youtube as my tutorial Thursday. I wanted to teach crocheting in our local school, So I decided to teach crochet in youtube first so it will be accessed by more people for free. They don't have to pay enrollment fees just subscribe to my channel and they will learn how to crochet.
I will teach The basic stitch first and every Thursday I will post new crochet project. I know it will be hard for me to teach crochet in English because it is not my native language , but i will do my best to be a good teacher. I hope you subscribe to my youtube channel CuteyPatutyCrochet 

Update to My Amigurumi Wedding Couples and 36 wedding giveaways:

They are done! And ready to go! Aren't they sweet!

Here are the 36 giveaways I also made.