How To Make A Car Baby Booties

 Car Baby Booties

I am thinking of a Baby booties that is easy enough for beginners. Making this baby booties only took me a few minutes and just a few yarns. My son asked me if he could have the finished booties, He used it as a toy car! I hope you enjoy making this crochet car baby booties. Please like my facebook page I need your help to reach my goal for this month.

 Making The Car Baby Booties

In this pattern I used only a few scrap yarns In blue, white, black, and yellow and a F(3.75 mm) Hook
4 silver sequins ( for the headlights )
4 white sequins ( for the eyes )
4 small black beads ( for the eyes )
 I did not sew the tires and the sequins and the beads I used glue gun to attach the parts ( I'm too lazy to sew today!)

Here is the simple pattern of the Car Baby Booties

Baby Booties

Round 1: ch 3 ( count as stitch ), 10 hdc in 3rd ch from hook, ss to join

Round 2: ch 2 ( count as stitch ), 1 hdc in the same space of ch 2, 18 hdc around ss to join

Round 3: ch 2 ( count as stitch ), 19 hdc around, ss to join

Round 4-7 : Same as Round 3

Round 8: ch 2 ( count as stitch ) *TURN* 1 hdc in next 13 hdc leaving 6 hdc unworked

Round 9-13: Same as Round 8

*Turn your booties inside out

*ss the ends together starting from top to bottom. Fasten off

Tires ( make 4)

Using white yarn,ch 2, 10 sc from 2nd ch from hook, ss to join. Fasten off

Using black yarn, ch 1, 1 sc around ss to join Fasten off

Headlights ( make 2)

ch 2, 6 sc 2nd ch from hook, ss to join. fasten off

Wind shields

We are going to make a front post hdc in this part.

Attach white yarn in the corner of the booties opening.

make ch 2, 8 front post hdc.

ch 2 ( count as stitch ), make 1 hdc in next 8 hdc, Fasten off

Glue the tires at the side of the booties, the headlights.

Put the silver sequin in each headlight, the white sequins and the black beads on the windshield.

Enjoy your baby booties!