Blogging Tips from a Newbie-{Guest Post}

{Guest Post By Mary of Secret Obsession}

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Hiya there! I'm Mary from Secret Obsession and I'm here today to share to you some blogging tips I learned through a mere two years of blogging. I know it's not yet that much but I have really learned a lot within those years. :)

I know you've probably seen numerous blogging tips from all over the internet Paving your way to having a huge amount of readers and pushing your blog all the way up there is no easy task. So let me help you a bit in reaching your blogging goal. :) I'm no pro at this but I hope this will be of help. :D

If you're a personal blogger like I am, this is probably the first thing you should put into mind. Be yourself. Be unique. Be original. Find your own 'thing' that will keep you and your blog apart from the rest. Though you may not find it that easily, you will, sooner or later.

I know how blogs are considered to be online diaries for some - a diary that contains all their heartaches, family problems, etc. Yes, blogging is a medium to express but that doesn't mean that you can type and publish just about anything. You have to choose what and what not to post. Blogging is more than just sharing all you problems to the world. It is also a place for people to learn and get some experience. If you're a personal blogger, you can't just write all the things that you do every single day. Perhaps, write a DIY or your newest discovery! Think of something creative that will keep your readers coming back. 

You cannot make friends when you just look at them from a distance right? That's why you need to interact and create a new circle of friends through blogging! It's one of the many fun ways to get to know people from all over the world! A really good way to earn more friends and readers is to join blog hops! There are thousands of it on the internet! Just type in 'blog hops' on google and you're good to go! But don't just let people visit your blog, visit theirs too! Every blogger appreciates every single and sincere comment or message. Don't just slap 'Nice blog. Follow me and I'll follow you' in their comments. That's just rude. Earning readers and followers takes time but you'll get there.

I do love it when I visit a blog and there's a new post every up single day! If you want to keep your readers, you need to post regularly. It doesn't need to be everyday though. As long have something new about three to five times every week, that's enough. An easy way to post without having to type daily is to schedule them! But what do I post? You can make a series like 'Ten things that make me happy' to be posted every Wednesday, a Mixtape everymonday or a 'What I've Been Up to' post every weekends! Or better yet, join blogging challenges! That'll keep you posting everyday!

When you go to an event, you need to look neat, clean and presentable. This is also true to blogs. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but most times, it's not like that at all when it comes to blogging. You see, one of the first things people notice when they visit the blog is the blog design. No matter how nice your posts are, no one will actually care to read it if it's comic sans size 15 in red. I guess you know what I mean. :) You don't need a really gorgeous layout. The key here is the right combination of colors and fonts. Make it readable, neat and pleasing to the eyes. If you're not comfortable with font or color combinations or fiddling with your html, consult the internet. There are like thousands of tutorials to help you designing your blog.

In blogging, you may share your daily life, your likes and dislikes, or your favorite color. But then again, you must learn what and what not to share. Blogging may be fun but you need to consider your privacy too. Try not to divulge details such as your real name, address, credit card number and any other information that needs to kept private. Keep in mind that this is the internet and anything bad can happen when you're not being careful. 

So that's about it. :) I hope you've learned something from this. Goodluck on your blogging journey! If you need something, please don't hesitate to email me at 

love and hugs,