5 Things Every Crochet Blogger Needs to Know About Profiting from Your Talent

Day 1-Profiting from Your Talent 

By: Jei Crochet

Cutey Patuty Crochet

AS A CROCHETER, YOU HAVE numerous options for earning money with your abilities. Whether you choose to work part time or full time, sustaining yourself as professional crafter and artist is a big responsibility.

1. Running your own business can disrupt your life in ways that you never expected. Once you've turned your crochet talents into a moneymaking venture, it's no longer "just a hobby."

2. It will often eat into your personal finances and overwhelm your time well beyond the conventional workday.

3. Now that you're in it for the money as well as your love of the craft, your crocheting skills must also answer to your customers, Which means your spare time may not be enough.

4.But the payoff are worth all your efforts. You'll have more independence and control of your schedule. 

5.You decide how to spend your profits. How much money you want to make is also up to you.

 I should stress here that the purpose of this post is not just to encourage you to become a full-time professional crocheter. these series also meant to give you inspirational ideas for making money from your candles in any capacity, whether your desire is to earn hobby income or build a business that allows you to live comfortably off your craft.

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