Finding Your Niche

Day-5 I Finally Found My Niche!

Here are my new creations. These are orders of teenagers who loves anime. I never thought that this will be a hit for them. My niece loves anime and asked me to make an Ib. What's an Ib you say? I don't know either. But my niece told me it's a game. She sent me a photo of the character she want's me to make and I made one for her. She posted the photo on her Anime group in facebook, then suddenly an order of minion and Enma ai (another anime character). Orders came rolling in!

Now I found my niche. The anime lovers. All I have to do is research the character they want. So I started a page only for the lovers of amigurumi anime. I also post anime inspired quotes and Photos. I am happy I finally found my niche! 

When you finally found your niche you need to research what are the latest happening, and the latest trend. So they will come back for more! You need to be friendly but firm about your price and rules before ordering. 

I still need to learn more about anime and games. Because I want customers satisfaction, if they are satisfied then they will tell their friends and free advertising is made.