Crochet the Musical!


I am trouble writing a post today. I just can't think of a great post! So I relaxed a little...plugged my videoke machine and sang my heart out! I felt a little refreshed and happy because my children and I had a blast! Now that I am refreshed and I think I strained my vocal cords.. Time to go back to blogging and finishing my amigurumi orders.

Sometimes spend too much time on working we forgot how to have fun. Too much work and too mush stress can make our brain foggy. 
Stress is, unfortunately, a reality of our lives today. It plays an unprecedented role in the development of illness, disease and distraction from the enjoyment of life. Stress Management, therefore, can play a valuable role as part of a treatment plan for all health issues, including fertility.
You know how singing helped my stress? By singing it releases good brain chemicals called endorphin and it also draws more oxygen into the blood and makes our circulation better.

Crocheting and singing will be a good combination when we feel stressed and down.

Hmmmm... There should be a Crochet the Musical!

What do you think?