How Create a Professional Crafter Image

Day-3- How to Create Professional Crafter Image 

When you find your market niche, you need to promote yourself as a businessperson and artisan worthy of your crochet prices. For the artisan, good design and quality material are essential in producing marketable crochet. For the business person, professional promotional materials are indispensable in selling yourself to your buying audience. Everything associated with your business that the buying public sees-from your business cards to your craft show display or your online store-reflects you and gives people an initial impression of you.
 a simple way to begin promoting yourself as a crochet designer/businessperson is to use business cards. A business card shows people that you have made a commitment to being in business, which is especially important when selling to family and friends who may have previously viewed you as only a hobbyist.

Be a Community Artisan Online and Offline

Being involved in your local community and building a network of contacts is essential in establishing yourself as an artisan. Joining a local artisans' guild, art centers, or getting out and participating in arts and crafts events allows you to connect to the resources of local creative crowd. Friendships with other artisan and handmade patrons are invaluable in gaining local support of your work. This will build your confidence to attempt markets outside your community
Just being around other people who share the same energetic attitude toward their craft gives you the inspiration to create. So join crochet groups and communities locally or online.