How to Stay Afloat in the Sea of Online Crochet Selling

Day 2-

Your Crochet vs. All the Others

Your crochet reflect your passion for crocheting. A handmade crochet also mirrors the personality of its owner and becomes an extension of her identity. Crochet are form of household art- both useful and beautiful. for your crochet to shine over the competition and make you money, they must be more than practical and ordinary. For your crochet stay afloat in a sea of crochet items similar to yours, They must be well designed, not just hand made.

Go Find Your Niche

To find this target market, you need to answer specific questions about your possible market niche. The following questions provided you with the profile for your"perfect" crochet customer.

  1. What need do your crochet fill for your customers?
  2. Are your customers looking to buy locally produced, handmade crafts for personal use?
  3. Do your customers need unique crochet gifts for holiday season?
  4. Will your customers choose hand made quality over discounted price?

Consider Where to Sell

Selling at the craft show, fairs, and artisans galleries, for example, directs your sales to the specific audience attracted to these types of market places. Also consider selling online Like in Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry, these online shops get a little commission for every sales. You can also create a facebook page to sell your items.

Selling Inexperience

 Are you worried about selling your crochet becaues you've never sold anything? You shoudn't be. Most crafters don't know much about selling or marketing when they start either. Books and reaserch are very helpful resources, but experience is your best educator. If you are proud of your crochet, have worked hard to develope a good product, and offer a great service, your selling will be a lot easier. Undoubtedly, you will have to take risk-both big and small- in order to succeed in selling your craft. However, the sense of accomplishment and money in your pocket derived from your efforts are well worth the risk.