I Finally Finished A Challenge!

My 31 Days of Blogging Challenge


I learned about the 31 day challenge because of my bloggy buddy Sarah Duggan. I really hesitant at first because I never thought that I can finish the challenge. I am just a beginner blogger. I don't have that much experience in this kind of challenges. But I faced my fear and took the challenge.

The benefits I reaped with the 31-day blogging challenge are;

  • I got accepted on Adsense because I have written enough contents. I was so thankful to Sarah.
  • I gained crochet bloggy friends like Rhondda Mol, and Sarah they love to leave comments in every post I make. Thank you Ladies I really appreciate it. Even though we are thousand of miles away I still feel the love and kindness you give to me.
  • I faced my fear. I am notorious of not finishing things. I am afraid to fail to finish this challenge, as you can see I finished it!
  • I also started to sell amigurumis locally. I am earning enough to buy crochet supplies.
This challenge made me feel more confident that I can be a better crocheter and a better blogger. I am making another challenge for myself, 
  • To make a crochet video tutorial
  • To make a pattern that is profitable.
  • To be featured on a crochet magazine
I am not giving a deadline to my challenge but I have the confidence to finish this challenges. 

This is my last post for July. Starting in August I am participating in Sara Duggan's  Blog Tour!

Crocheting a Business Blog Tour 2013