How To Make a Scoodie-Free Pattern

How to Make a Scoodie

Wow! It's been a a few weeks since my last post! With this post I am sharing to you my latest project while I am away busy with my weight loss journey. But with this journey I still need to crochet to relax. Being a hobbyist made myself more relax and calm. 

This is the video I followed to make my very first almost big project. This is by Claire Sullivan also known as BobWilson123

Here is my finished scoodie! I hope you enjoy these videos you should give it a try it is easy and cute! With this basic scoodie you can use your imagination by adding anything you want like bear ears, or bunny ears, or you can add some crocodile stitch around the hood. I added a self-striping yarn to add some color.  

I hope you enjoy this post ;)