My Top 5 Favorite Red Heart Halloween Crochet Patterns

Needs to Hook Again For Halloween...

I've been hibernating on crochet because I've been busy. I am trying to go back on crocheting and I am looking for some easy and wearable crochet for Halloween. And here are my top 5 Favorite Red Heart crochet project for Halloween:

<Halloween Pattern>

1. Princess Braid- This is a very pretty pattern but yarn consuming project. But for my daughter this will be worth it.

2. Halloween Puppet- This pattern is very versatile because you can use this pattern adding different design or any season.

3. Petite Mermaid Costume- My youngest loves Ariel of the movie The Little Mermaid. She told me She wants to have a mermaid tail. I am lucky that Red Heart have this pattern.

4. Halloween Boy Hero- My second child loves to be a hero. He wears his costumes everyday. and everyday different hero. This will be a good addition to his costume collections.

5. Clowning Around Wig- I love this! I want to have this wig! I could make it in one color and I can have an Afro for a 70's costume. This is the best!

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