Bunny Plushie

Bunny Rabbit Plushie

When I was a little girl my imagination is like an ocean. As I get older the imagination tank is getting drained. So I meditated and tried to make an amigurumi pattern but I felt that I need something different. So I tried to make hand sewn plushie. As you can see the word hand sewn is in bold letters.. Because I can't sew! I am a messy sewer even a child sews better than me!

Bunny Plushie Cutey Patuty
My very first Bunny Plushie ;)

With the determination to learn how to make a back stitch and a ladder stitch, I called my magical gurus named Youtube and Pinterest... I found out how to make a back stitch and ladder stitch in just a few minutes!

Back Stitch Cutey Patuty

Ladder Stitch Cutey Patuty Crochet

I want to try something different to share to you my avid readers. I still have some unfinished crochet project that still a lot of work to do. I am back on track and hoping no more road block ahead. To all my new followers thank you for the follow ;)