15 Halloween Pattern Round-Up

Halloween Pattern Round-up

Here's my 15 Halloween Pattern Round-up! I hope you liked it!

<15 Halloween Pattern Round-up>
Halloween Pattern Round-Up

1. Jack-O-Lantern By: Kahkashan Shaukat

2. Jack-‘o-Lantern Hat By Red Heart-

3. Glow In the Dark Jack-O-Lantern By Hooking Along

4. Crocheted Holiday Pumpkin Trio By Armina Parganian

5. Halloween Baby Booties By Rhea Papellero

6. Epic Viking Beard by Caitlin Pautler

7. Shrunken Head Guy by Kim Lapsley

8. Pumpkin With Lid By Mimi Alelis

9.  Psychotic Tomato By Regina Rioux

10. Bat with Swirl Border, Charted for Filet Crochet By Sandy Marshall

11. Red Devil By Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen

12. Happy Halloween Bunting Crochet By Sun Room

13. EEK! by Pixie Kitten

14. Free Crochet Pattern – Monkey Hat By Mamachee

15.Baldy Baby Hat by Tots and Bottoms

My personal favorites in this round-up are The EEK! (13) , Baldy Baby Hat (15) and the Jack-o-Lantern Graph (1). I will try the graph first because I haven't tried making one.