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52-Week Saving Challenge (Filipino Style)

52 Week Saving Challenge (Filipino Style)

I've been reading about The 52-week saving challenge. This challenge starts with a $1 and end with $1378! 
I want to try this challenge, but in Filipino style. I will start with 10 pesos and end up with 13,780 pesos! That is $344.50! Not a lot in the USA but that is enough for me to start a small business here in the Philippines, Buy me a sewing machine, or have my own domain, or I can buy a new bag or shoes or pamper myself. There are so much possibility with the money we are going to earn with this 52-week savings challenge. 

You will start with this chart, and a jar.

This chart is in US dollars

Then put $1 in the jar on the first week, $2 on the second week, $3 on the third week and so on. In my case I will save 10 pesos on the first week, 20 pesos on the second week, 30 pesos on the 3rd week and so on..

On the 52nd-week you will earn $1378.00 and I will earn 13,780.00 pesos. That is a big money! 
People say they don't have extra money to save. Stop buying soda, cigarettes. By doing this you not only saving money you are also saving your life and the people around you. If you do this challenge for every year 5 years, You will earn 68,900 pesos or $ 6890! You are earning money slowly but surely.

So come and join me do this 52-week saving challenge. We will start this  4th of May 2013 Every week I will update you about my progress and hoping by April 26, 2014 we will be 13,780.00 pesos or $1378.00 Richer. 

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