DIY Gym Tank Top

DIY Gym Tank Top

I am trying to loose weight right now. Well I lost 2 pounds as of today (maybe it's just water weight ;p) The weather here in the Philippines is so so hot! I need something that is cool and comfortable to wear while exercising that I can make without sewing (I am not good at sewing)I found this  DIY Gym Tank top at Pinterest. I finished this project in just 20 minutes! if you are making this tank top pick a t-shirt a size or 2 bigger than your shirt size. I made a mistake using same size shirt.

This is How to make a DIY Gym Tank top:

 Cut the neck, sleeves, and the bottom part of an old t-shirt.

 Use the cut out sleeves for making the ties.
 Using the tie. Wrap The back of the tank top. making sure not to twist the straps.Cut off a few inches at the sides to make the side ties.

This is the back of the DIY Gym Tank Top. It looks good on the mannequin. But not so good on me :) I need to eat less and exercise more! 
I hope you like my DIY Gym Tank top.