Summer Crochet Boy Shorts

Summer Crochet Boy Shorts 

My creative juice has been drained in the last few days. I kept on thinking of a creative project that came from my own. I want to incorporate my love of crochet and DIY. Then suddenly a bright idea came out! I am going to make a crochet summer outfit for my daughter without following a pattern and a diagram. I am going to do it freestyle. Making a crochet boy shorts in reverse engineering. 

I bought a cheap boy shorts underwear and deconstructed it.

<boy shorts>
Deconstructed Boy shorts underwear
Then I just follow the shape of the deconstructed boy shorts to make my own design. I always forget to write down the pattern of my freestyle projects. Next time I will share this to you guys.

<crochet crotch>
Follow the shape of the deconstructed boy shorts 

I made a crotch, and 2 of the leg parts. I am still finishing the other leg part. I used 2 cotton thread held together. used a B hook for this project. 

<crochet boy shorts>
The 2 crochet leg parts and the crotch

the 2 Leg part sewn together

<slip stistch>
I used slip stitch to sew the boy shorts together.

I sewed the 2 legs together and I realized that I don't need the crotch any more. So I just sew the boy shorts together and here is the finished crochet boy shorts.