How to Bring Your Creativity Back

Does anyone suffer from crocheters block?

Have you suffered crocheters block? I used to have the same crocheters block before. But just following this tips I never had an episode of crocheters block anymore. Here are some tips on how to bring back the spark on your creativity.

1. Think about your crocheting while creating. It doesn't matter what your are crocheting and it doesn't have to be good, creating crochet, making chain with hook and yarn is practicing your skill in crocheting it teaches our brain to think that holding a hook and yarn not something held, but part of the hand.

2. The process of crocheting is the FUN, not the the result. It's about crocheting something , not about having something drawn. Learning new approach or figuring out how to crochet better, or thinking on how to explain the process of assembling the crochet project. Looking at the finished crochet project is wonderful to see but the process of making that project is priceless.

"It helps if you can treat your work as a refuge-an oasis of control and creative satisfaction in the midst of the bad stuff."

3. I am the audience. No other. The first time I started crocheting is for my own entertainment, when I am bored, and that's how it continued. Crocheting with the expectations of other people in mind can wreck inspiration and apply so much pressure, crocheting becomes just miserable and you can even call it work. When I crochet it looks good on my standards, is the only time I get anything good done.

4. Force yourself to live in the moment. What helped me here is my finished crochet project should be given away. It forces me to live in the moment..sort of. I am able to concentrate on the process of creating a crochet project rather than the results. And if you get something you prefer to keep, you always possible to to change your mind.

"Sometimes a block comes from having too much, not too little"